Signs You Need To Replace Your Mattress Right Away

We spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s only right that the mattress we use to get some shut-eye should at least provide us a significant amount of comfort, regardless of whether it’s a discount mattress or a higher-end one. In your case, however, comfort seems to be the last thing that your mattress has been giving you lately. Sleeping has become so uncomfortable that you’ve started visiting the best mattress stores Phoenix has to offer to find a suitable replacement.

Now, does your mattress really need replacing? Do you think you should begin the hunt for cheap mattresses for sale? Here are some of the signs that you should search for excellent but cheap mattresses to replace your old one.

Your mattress is more than 10 years old

On average, a mattress has a useful life of about 7 to 10 years. If your mattress is of the highest quality and properly cared for its entire life, it would still be quite serviceable by the time it enters its tenth year. Anything beyond that would be all downhill for your mattress in terms of comfort. If you can’t even remember the year you bought your mattress, then it’s probably too old, and should be replaced.

You wake up with neck, back, and hip pain EVERY SINGLE TIME

Waking up with some discomfort every now and then is understandable. Maybe you got stuck in one sleeping position the entire night or something. However, if waking up and getting out of bed has become a torturous routine for you day in and day out, then your mattress probably has something to do with it. A good mattress—even one bought at cheap mattress sales—is supposed to help you rest and renew your body, not make you feel like it gave you an all-night beatdown.

You’re tossing and turning all night long

Restlessness can happen to everyone, and it’s perfectly normal, that is, if it only happens once in a while. Tossing and turning the entire night—and every night thereafter—is a clear sign that your mattress is not providing you with the comfort you need. You may have to visit mattress stores in Phoenix to replace it with one that does.

Your mattress has lumps

When your mattress has lumps, you don’t even have to think about it. Looking at lumps on a mattress can already make you feel uncomfortable. Imagine the discomfort you’d be in if you insist on sleeping on that same mattress. A lumpy mattress needs to go if you want to sleep well and comfortably. There are many cheap mattresses for sale that are infinitely better than the one you have right now.

Your mattress is sagging

When your mattress is sagging, that means the springs inside of the mattress are beginning to break down. A sagging mattress can’t give you proper back support, so you always end up with back pain when you wake up.

You’re suffering from allergies
If you find yourself sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and dealing with a runny nose indoors every single day, then you probably have allergies to dust, mold, or mildew. It’s also possible that your old mattress serves up a generous helping of these allergens, especially if it’s not dust-mite resistant. If you can’t replace your old mattress, you should at least spare yourself from all those allergens by springing for a mattress protector.

Most people would want to replace their old mattresses for any of the reasons mentioned above but are constrained by their budgets. What they don’t realize is that there are mattress discounters out there who can provide them with a high-quality mattress that won’t break their bank. With the help of these mattress stores, you will finally be able to get a mattress that will provide you with the comfort you deserve.