Thermo Balance



Everyone has a unique sleep environment, some people get hot while they are sleeping, and others get cold. The ThermoBalance mattress by Southerland is the ideal mattress for those situations.

It collectively takes a person’s body temperature regulation, moisture control and airflow along with comfort and blends them together to make the perfect sleep environment. This amazing sleep system is uniquely designed and begins with the cover.

The cover is made with “chill” moisture-wicking fibers with phase-change materials and has the ability to help absorb or release heat as it is needed to obtain a more consistent body temperature.

The comfort layers are uniquely combined of gel-infused latex and memory foam integrated with borders that are ventilated with pocketed coils that ensure the sleeper gets the maximum airflow and reduced motion transfer.



Phase Change Cover with Moisture Wicking

Regulating body temperature is a primary factor when a sleeper is trying to reach the ideal REM sleep. The ThermoBalance phase change cover is perfect for this. It is specifically designed to maximize the sleeper’s constant body temperature while excess moisture is simply wicked away.


Maximum Air Flow

These mattresses are uniquely constructed to better maximize airflow. Each mattress is made with a core that is structured uniquely with an individually wrapped coil support system, specialty foam, and vented borders to ensure that its core maximizes its airflow.


Proactive Moisture Control

The ThermoBalance mattress is made for moisture control as it actively deters moisture before it begins. Ideally, this is proactive when it comes to preventing your body form overheating while you are sleeping.


Premium Comfort Blend

The gel-infused latex makes body impressions and softness virtually non-existent, making it more reliable than the average conventional foam mattress. The gel-infused latex also helps relieve pressure from the hips and shoulders, thus allowing the person sleeping to have better breathability and be more comfortable.