Signs that you need a new mattress


You Mattress is sagging.

A deep indention greater than 1-1/2 inches has developed in the mattress.

Rolling into the middle.

If your mattress is indenting across the middle of the mattress and you keep rolling into your partner, this is a clear sign that you need a new mattress.

Non-Supportive Edges.

If the edges of your mattress sag deeply when you sit on them or they are extremely soft. This is a clear sign of edge breakdown and this is another indicator to buy a new mattress.

Sore Back and Stiff Necks.

If your back is constantly store this may be due to sleeping on an old or poor quality mattress. If your neck is stiff when you wake up, this can be due to poor support from the mattress and your pillow.

Re-occurring back pain.

We recommend coming in and talking to a professional on your sleep positions and patterns so we can help you find the perfect mattress for you. This will help elevate most re-occurring back issues and help prevent further injuries.