7 Common Mattress Shopping Mistakes You Need To Avoid

As with shopping for anything else, we tend to commit mistakes when buying a mattress. Here are some mattress shopping no-nos you need to avoid.

Buying a firm one because “it’s good for your back”

There’s this myth that a firm mattress is great for your back. In truth, a mattress that’s too firm can cause painful pressure points on your hips and shoulders. It also does not conform properly to the curves of your body. You could wind up with back pain in the end. Your sleeping position is a crucial factor in determining the ideal firmness for you, so determine your sleep type first and do some research about it.

Letting price solely dictate your purchase

A cheap mattress doesn’t mean it’s a bad one. Conversely, an astronomical price tag on a mattress on display hardly guarantees quality. What’s important is finding the right bed for you. If you find an affordable bed that feels quite comfortable, consider yourself fortunate. If the bed you like is a little out of your budget, look for similar options at lower prices. Or you can just wait for a sale.

Going blindly for big name brands

Small brands could be just as good as bigger and typically more expensive name brands. Sure, the name brand mattresses look and feel comfortable, but so do many smaller names in the industry. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, after all, and many low-end brand names have high-end material and craftsmanship too. Also, keep in mind that name brands often come with huge markups, so you know where that extra money you’re paying is going.

Trying all mattresses in all stores

It’s good to study all of your options, but trying one too many mattresses can get confusing and in the end, overwhelming. To avoid this, always shop with personal preferences borne out of research and experience already in mind. That should narrow the number of beds you have to flop down on down.

Not taking mattresses for a test drive

If there are people who try every single mattress in sight, at the opposite end of the spectrum are those who never test them and just buy one on the spot. Not taking mattresses for a test drive is not doing you any favors. We spend a third of our lives in our beds, so it’s only smart to get the best mattress for ourselves by giving it a try first. Ideally, 10-15 minutes should be enough to determine if a mattress meets our requirements.

Buying a particular mattress because someone said so

A specific bed may have served your friend or relative well, but that doesn’t automatically mean it will do the same for you. Keep in mind that your body is different from other people, and your needs and preferences entirely unique.

Snubbing mattress store sales staff

Granted, sales staff following you around the shop can be incredibly annoying, so we dismiss them straight away. What we fail to realize is that salespeople probably know a lot about the product they’re selling. For all you know, they will be the ones who can help you find the mattress you need.

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