The Various Types of Memory Foam Mattress

As new types of memory foam mattress emerge on the market, many consumers wonder which among them performs best—traditional, plant-based, or gel. While preference is subjective, these various memory foam mattress types can be compared and differentiated to enable consumers like you to determine which type is the most ideal and adheres to your personal needs. Although there are clear differences among the three types of memory foam mattress, reviews reveal that memory foam in general has a higher consumer satisfaction rating than any other types of mattress.

memory foam mattress reviews

The Memory Foam Contenders

Essentially, there are three memory foam types on the market today. All three represent the memory foam’s visco-elastic characteristics to varying degrees. But they differ mainly in manufacturing methods and materials used.

Traditional Memory Foam

This type of memory foam mattress has been used for decades. Made from petroleum-based components, traditional memory foam is based on the original manufacturing method. From when it was first developed, very little has changed with this type. While traditional memory foam mattresses offer significant benefits such as motion isolation and pain relief, sleeping hot and its initial off-gassing state can be an issue for some consumers.

Plant-based Memory Foam

To address heat concerns that traditional memory foam mattresses have, the plant-based memory foam mattress was developed. A portion of its materials is replaced with plant-based ingredients to diminish chemical concerns and increase its natural content. This memory foam type features a larger cell structure to improve breathability and allow for a more stable temperature sensitivity than traditional ones.

Gel-infused or Gel Memory Foam

This is a recent addition to the memory foam clan. A gel memory foam is generally composed of traditional memory foam infused or layered with gel. This type of memory foam claims to sleep cooler than other memory foam types. Although there had been concerns of gels affecting the durability of the memory foam over time, gel-infused memory foam mattresses create a cool sensation.

The Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

If you’re interested on purchasing a memory foam mattress but are still uncertain which type would work for you, browse memory foam mattress reviews from verified and third party sources rather than relying on brand or product testimonials alone. Memory foam mattress reviews from brand websites may not be that reliable because most consumers who are motivated to give opinion there are either very content or very disappointed. The key here is to search for the overall trend of opinions.

What Makes the Best Memory Foam Mattress?

It is essential to understand that what might feel comfortable for many may not feel as comfortable for you. This is because there is really no single best memory foam for everyone. Each individual has their own preferences and a different body type that lead to a unique interpretation of what feels cozy and what does not. Understanding how various factors influence comfort outcomes, reading about memory foam mattress reviews, and learning the types can help make it easier to search for a memory foam mattress that will work for you.