9_RefreshRefresh 100% Talalay Latex provides the best comfort and support, AND it is the perfect material for Organic Mattresses.

Constantly tired? Aching? Mentally drained? A poorly made mattress is the root of these issues. Wake up confident, more yourself, when you slip into a Refresh Mattress. The mattress lives up to its name, see for yourself when you come into our store.


Talalay GL

The Talalay Latex helps maintain the ideal body temperature by using phase change material that cools down a warm body and heats up a cool body.


Pressure Relief

The luxurious latex instantly conforms to fit your body giving you optimal back support when you sleep. This amazing mattress provides a unique uplifting feel, reducing pressure areas up to three times better than memory foam.



Naturally anti-microbial which Bacteria, mold and mildew cannot live in latex. It is very resistant to a dust mite invasions and proves to be 3x more resistant than normal mattresses.



Latex is naturally hypo-allergenic, for allergy suffers, this is the perfect material to breathe fresh clean air while you sleep.