Mattress Shopping Tips for Couples

Overwhelmed by all the mattresses you have to choose from? Here’s a simple guide to help you and your better half narrow down your mattress choices.

mattresses for couple

How to Choose a Mattress

Give each other some space. Did your partner keep you up all night with the elbowing or the kicking? Then you probably should ditch that full-size mattress, and move on to a bigger bed like a king or queen size mattress. Anything too narrow than those kinds would be too cramped for the both of you resulting to frequent sleep disturbances.

Find a common ground. As comfort is never the same for everybody, it is critical that you and your partner talk about the kind of mattress you will be investing on. While you may prefer a soft mattress, your partner may want a firmer one. If youcouldn’t agree on it, consider mattress types that can be tailored to both of your needs. For instance, air beds have models with two chambers so you can adjust the firmness of each chamber differently.

Research goes a long way. Since purchasing a mattress can be a hefty investment, rushing into buying one may not be the best idea. Take time to examine various bed types. Additionally, if you are on vacation and find a particular hotel mattress comfortable, take note of its brand for comparison to others you have tried.

Purchasing Pointers

Do a lot of testing. Go from store to store and test out their mattresses. Lie, sit or feel them to get a better idea of what both of you are searching for.

Point their differences. There are plenty of styles and brandsavailable, so choosing a mattress can really beconfusing.

Spring mattresses: Conventional innerspring mattresses arecomposed of layers of coils or springs, and upholstery. Another coil system is the wrapped coil mattress. But instead of layers, their springs are individually wrapped in a cloth, diminishing the noise it typically makes so you will not get interrupted in your sleep.

Latex mattresses: They are made from organic materials and are known to be durable and healthy, although they are not well known for giving comfort.

Memory Foam mattresses: These types are temperature sensitive, so they typically respond to body heat.

Consider the one that will have your back. A good mattress is the kind that has the necessary back support that you and your partner need.

Be in the know. Mattress storeshave different policies. Make certain that you ask about warranties, returns, and deliveries before making your purchase.

Never settle until you find the one. Just because it’s convenient doesn’t mean you should buy it. This goes to the price, as well. If you’re just buying it because it is the cheapest one you can find, then you’re going to be in a lot of pain and discomfort in the future. Make sure you are investing into quality more than anything.