Mattress Pads, Toppers and Encasement

cheap mattressIt is common knowledge that a mattress can be a hefty investment. This is why you’ll want to protect it from stains, dust, and dirt to lengthen its life. The solution? Affordable mattress encasement and pads.

Mattress Encasement

An encasement is typically used for enclosing cheap mattresses or box springs completely to protect them from allergens and bedbugs.

Bed Bug Protection: Although cheap mattress encasement are not capable of preventing bed bug infestation, it may essentially protect you from bed bugs during your sleep. These encasement protectors can be made of vinyl, tightly woven polyester fabric, or cotton, and they usually come with a locking zipper to totally cover up the mattress.

Allergy Protection: If you have dust mite allergy, a total encasement mattress protector would be the ideal solution for you. Unlike typical cheap mattress covers, a non-padded mattress cover is designed to help protect your mattress from allergens such as molds, dust, dust mites, pollen, dead skin, pet dander, as well as from exposure to elements that might damage it like spilled water, or coffee. There are plenty of options for total mattress encasement and box spring encasement out on the market.

Mattress Pads

Mattress protectors or pads are generally placed on top of the mattress. Though they protect your cheap mattress from wear and stains, it may not completely lock bedbugs and allergens out of your sleep system like encasement do.

Fitted: A fitted mattress pad is closely similar to a fitted sheet. The only difference is that fitted mattress pads are quilted on top for better air circulation and to make the sleeping surface even more comfortable.

Anchor: An anchor mattress pad is like a fitted mattress pad but without the quilted top. It’s a cheaper alternative but does not expand like a guaranteed-to-fit mattress pad.

Guaranteed-to-Fit: This type of mattress pad offers improved temperature regulation and helps make a cheap mattress feel more comfortable with its quilted top. Guaranteed-to-fit mattress pads are also referred as Expand-a-grip or Tailor-fit because their sidewalls expand for them to attach to deeper mattresses.

Memory Foam: Visco elastic mattress toppers provide additional cushioning and support. Because it has materials that are sensitive to temperature, a memory foam topper conforms to the body—firmer when the body’s cooler and softer when the body’s warmer.

Egg Crate: This is also referred to as a convoluted mattress pad, which has dimpled foam pads that improve the distribution of body weight on the bed. Not only do they add cushioning, they also enhance support.

Featherbeds and Fiberbeds: These cheap mattress pads provide extra softness. They are made with natural materials like down and cotton, and may be placed on top or underneath a fitted sheet.

Electric: Heated mattress pads come with warming controls; some even have dual controls so you can have a different setting for each side of the mattress.

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