There is No Greener Mattress than a Latex Mattress

latex mattressSure we’ve all heard a handful of good qualities a latex mattress has. Now, to even things out, here are a few of its downsides and a couple other things that you should know about the organic mattress that is latex.

They are expensive       

Latex mattresses can be a wee bit expensive. And cost could be a big factor to some consumers. However, compared to other types of mattress like box springs, a quality latex mattress is more likely to last longer.’

Additional tip: try shopping for a natural latex mattress online. There are plenty of available mattresses online that are 100% natural for a fraction of what you would pay a local dealer. Just make sure that the material is certified, and that they allow returns. It’s helpful to check their retailer review, as well.

Latex beds are heavy

Weight could also be an issue to some individuals. On the bright side, unlike other mattresses like spring types, a latex mattress need not to be rotated or flipped on a regular basis.

Most latex mattresses are too firm

Just like comfort, firmness level of a mattress varies from one person to the other. Latex beds are not made the same, so some may be too firm for you. Make certain that you try to lie on the mattress first to know if it’s too firm and find out how it feels.

Latex mattresses may have some heat issues

Sleeping hot is one of the problems latex mattress owners complain about. If you are one of those users, make certain that you use a breathable mattress cover, such as wool or natural cotton, to lessen the heat issue and allow air to circulate between the mattress and your body.

Latex mattresses cause back pains

A quality mattress, or any type for that matter, is designed to support your back and diminish sleep deprivation. People who complain about having back problems with a latex mattress probably own an old one. Mattresses do not last indefinitely and needs to be changed often, especially if you are getting frequent back pains every time you lie down on it.

Latex is replenish-able and sustainable

Latex is produced from the sap or serum of the rubber tree known scientifically as Hevea brasiliensis. After the rubber tree sap is collected, its barks heal right away. These particular trees can produce saps for as long as 30 years and are replanted to continue the yielding process. These resources may be replenished and sustained unlike other natural resources such as oil where other mattress types are derived from. This particular trait makes a natural latex mattress an efficient and healthy choice.

Latex mattresses smell bad

All mattresses, latex or not, have smell especially when they’re new. However, the smell will eventually wear off after a few weeks. If you are sensitive to smells like this, then ask for various latex samples and take a whiff of them before deciding and making a purchase.