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Toyo graphite iso-63
  • Toyo graphite iso-63
Toyo graphite iso-63

Toyo graphite iso - 63:It belongs to isotropic ultra-fine particle graphite with good wear resistance. It is applied to plastic molding molds. The precision processing of precision molds (bone position, rib position, surface spark pattern processing) can process the surface finish: Ra0.4 μ m

Applied to super large electrodes
Material: iso-63
Size: 800 × 600mm. If the electrode is processed with copper, EDM processing is impossible.



Iso-63: physical properties

Density: 1.78g/cm3

Particle size: 5 microns

Hardness (Shore): 76

Specific resistivity: 15 μ Ω·m

Flexural strength (MPA): 65.0

Compressive strength (MPA): 135

Tensile strength (MPA): 46.0

Elastic modulus (GPA) 10.8

Thermal expansion coefficient: 10-6 / ℃ 5.6

Thermal conductivity w / (m · K) 70